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    2012 New Year's Day dinner shop workers

    Writer:刘世旭Number of visits: Date:2012-01-06


    2012 New Year's Day, Feed Development Co., Ltd. Qingdao Grand River plant all workers held at the Government Guest House dinner

    In 2011, the company's leadership and actively lead various departments and staff, focused on enhancing the economic benefits of the center, adhere to high quality, efficient, pragmatic and innovative ideas, outside of "integrity, satisfaction" philosophy excellent service to internal hard dig potential, pay close attention to product quality, fast, high-quality domestic and international quality service to win customer satisfaction, and promote the sales of products and continuously improve sales.

         2011, workshop of all workers, hard working, overtime production, the company fodder production reached more than 40,000 tons, the sales for the company to provide a strong protection, in order to express their gratitude, 2012 New Year's Day, the company leading organizations all shop workers dinner was held at the Government Guest House.


    Workers toast toast each other



    Jiang (centered person) and workers mingle



    Sim Total (front third from left) and workers drinking and chatting!

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